The culture of the step

in the wonders of nature

“The culture of the step soothes the torments of the ephemeral”, writes Régis Debray. Walking as a cure, as a therapy, both individual and social. It is one of the best ways to discover the Montagna Fiorentina, with a careful, scrupulous, observant step capable of capturing every little detail. And there are enough details about such a powerful and luxurious nature to walk for a lifetime. The Casentino Forests National Park contains itineraries and signposted paths among woods, protected areas and landscapes. There are CAI itineraries, or those created by other hikers, and thematic itineraries, such as “Dante’s Way” or to reach the Acquacheta waterfalls, for beginners or experienced hikers. Walking allows everyone to find their nature and get in touch with it.


Mappa di Montagna Fiorentina per i cammini

Exploring by foot


Find out more about nature in the Montagna Fiorentina, a treasure trove of biodiversity just a few kilometres from Florence. Explore this extraordinary wealth and let yourself be enchanted by its unique beauty.


Chestnut Harvesting


San Godenzo

Chestnut trail


San Godenzo

Yoga in the woods


San Godenzo

On the tracks of the wolf

from 1 to 3 hours



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Meet Alessandra

Meet Alessandra

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