Three refreshing hikes in the Montagna Fiorentina

10 August 2023 | Itineraries and trails, Things to do

Montagna Fiorentina, which has always been a crossroads of paths and trails, is the ideal destination for those who wish to carve out moments of tranquillity and peace in a welcoming and flourishing nature.

We propose you three trails between Londa and San Godenzo, suitable for everyone and linked by a common element: water. Lakes and waterfalls, streams, and brooks are the protagonists of these itineraries designed for a sensory and refreshing experience.


In the San Godenzo area, a little-known itinerary reserves great emotions. Two suggestive waterfalls with clear waters, hidden by the thick vegetation, open up to the gaze of the walker, who can admire their water games and enjoy a moment of refreshment.

The trail’s starting point is the Ontaneta car park, the locality of Caprile, where trail No. 7A begins. Following it, after a short walk that includes crossing a bridge and a short climb, you reach the first waterfall, Calabuia. Returning to the bridge which crosses the San Godenzo stream, pass the old Calabuia mill dating from 1840, and take the path on the right that leads directly to the various water jumps that make up the Petrella waterfall, the result of the confluence of two streams: the San Godenzo and the Falterona.


Lake Aina is located within the Model Forest of Rincine. Set among the surrounding mountains, it is one of three artificial reservoirs that served as a prominent watering place for the animals waiting for the transhumance’s start.

The lake is easily accessible on foot, horseback, or by bicycle. Nearby is a large meadow with a shelter, picnic area, and barbecue area. It is no coincidence that it has always been a destination for families, individual hikers, or groups wishing to relax or enjoy moments of conviviality in nature.

The approx. 10 km route is well signposted. It starts at the ‘Foresteria di Rincine’ (Rincine’s Guesthouse) and follows a wide, easily passable forest road through fir forests and ruins embedded in the surrounding vegetation.


Located in the shadow of Monte Falterona, the Piscino Waterfall is a place of great charm. Originating in the Sassoli landslide of 1962, it is a natural spectacle with a drop of more than 70 meters, a height that counts it among the highest waterfalls in the Apennines. The route winds through evocative views, forests of white firs, black pines, and beeches: a spectacle not to be missed.

The path to take is no. 11, dedicated to Enrico Boni. It starts from the car park of Il Castagno d’Andrea, a hamlet of San Godenzo. An explanatory panel marks the start of the 4 km route. It covers a difference in the height of about 50 metres to arrive at an altitude of 1150 metres.