The Community

People and desires

A life in harmony with nature, guided by care and respect for the mountain and its rhythms. The farming tradition, the love of the land, and the great spirit of hospitality unite under the same roof the lively communities of the Montagna Fiorentina, traditionally divided by funny and amusing Tuscan parochialism. Families that have always lived in the area and have been able to pass on their knowledge and ancient traditions to the present day, not without difficulty and not without having to say goodbye to the younger generations who have been forced to move away to study or work. And when someone new arrives to inhabit these places, moving from the city in search of a more sustainable alternative lifestyle, they are warmly welcomed.


There is no regeneration without participation. There is no future without the desire of its protagonists. There are no solutions that are not designed for those who express needs. This has been the path of the Montagna Fiorentina Project: first a strategy of territorial development, then a path of participation, then of co-production and finally of cultural and social regeneration, which will continue to be nourished over time by involvement, training, exchange and relations with the inhabitants of the area, enabling people’s desire to become capacity, action and generative motion.

A collective visual identity

A collective design experiment for constructing a shared identity, owned first and foremost by the local people. We asked them to design their own “Mountain of the Heart”, i.e. to draw on the values and emotional symbols rooted in their own experiences and therefore belong to the area’s culture. All these elements have become part of the generative visual identity of the Montagna Fiorentina, which is recalled in all the coordinated image products, strengthening the sense of belonging and identity of the community and the project.

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