Regeneration in progress

The resources provided under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, allocated by the Ministry of Culture through the call to tender about the ‘Cultural and Social Regeneration Projects of Small Historic Villages – Village Attractiveness, Line B’ represents an excellent opportunity for the Montagna Fiorentina (Florentine Mountains): the regeneration project taking place in the municipalities of Londa and San Godenzo is the result of the funding obtained thanks to this NRRP public notice, which supports the valorisation of Italy’s historic villages, promoting their attractiveness and enhancing their cultural, artistic and landscape heritage.

This opportunity translates in the territory into a significant boost for its growth and development: thanks to the funding obtained, it will be possible in these years to implement targeted interventions that will favour accessibility, the redevelopment of public spaces, social innovation, and the preservation of the historical and artistic heritage. In addition, it will offer high-quality tourist and cultural services, creating a welcoming and attractive environment for visitors. The first interventions are already a reality, such as the website on which you are reading this article.

It is essential to mention that the aim of the project is not only to attract conscious and sustainable tourism but also to improve the quality of life for those living there and to attract potential new residents, helping to preserve and enhance the historical and cultural identity of the place, making it even more attractive and more prosperous in economic, employment, social and service opportunities for the local community.

Furthermore, the project aims to create strong social cohesion among the residents, stimulating active participation and involving the community in the process, as was already the case in the current phase from February to June 2023, which involved the local population in a participatory process that made them aware of and an active part of the project’s launch.

The Montagna Fiorentina is a place of great resources, given its history, culture, and incredible natural heritage, and thanks to the opportunity it has received under the NRRP, it will be able to exploit its potential fully.