Not just
a mountain

To the east of Florence, between Valdisieve and the upper Valdarno, stretches the Montagna Fiorentina, once a mountain community encompassing a larger territory. Today, this name is being recovered in the project for the territorial regeneration of the municipalities of Londa and San Godenzo to enhance the identity of this land, made up of a great natural heritage, welcoming communities, widespread art and solid roots in the history of Tuscany.

Londa and San Godenzo

The villages of San Godenzo and Londa, of Etruscan origin, flourished in the Middle Ages: San Godenzo is famous for the abbey that welcomed Dante Alighieri during his exile; Londa has preserved its original structure around a square enclosed by two rivers, earning it the name “Island of Valdisieve”. Today, they are home to a lively community of just under 3000 inhabitants, distributed between the two main towns and the hamlets.

A generous nature

The Montagna Fiorentina is rich in biodiversity and natural beauty. It is home to various flora, fauna, and stunning landscapes such as valleys, peaks, forests, and waterfalls. The area is also known for its ecosystem services, which benefit the environment and local communities. Located within the Casentino Forests National Park, the Montagna Fiorentina is a living heritage that offers a unique and unforgettable experience to all who visit.

Local products

A land that produces genuine fruit skillfully enhanced and transformed by man. From the delicious Regina peach of Londa to the exquisite San Godenzo chestnut and all its by-products. From the Bardiccio to the tasty local cheeses, oil, and wine to the tradition of handmade filled pasta.

Community-based regeneration

The Montagna Fiorentina is a territorial regeneration project born from the firm will of local administrators who represented a collective desire to revitalise and enhance these lands. A project with the active participation of the community to improve the quality of life of those who live there, those who arrive and those who choose not to leave.