Meet Neri and Guido

[This video is in Italian, but in the settings of the YouTube video you can choose English subtitles]

Neri and Guido, the fourth generation at Caffè Falterona

Born and raised in Il Castagno d’Andrea, Neri has taken over the family café, continuing a tradition that spans four generations. With him is his friend and partner Guido, born in Florence but originally from the small hamlet, who has always had a passion for catering.

Faced with the difficulties and obstacles of running a business, Neri and Guido rolled up their sleeves and found solutions. Their bar has become a meeting place for the local community, a reference point for those who want to chat, have a coffee, a bite to eat, or play a game of cards.

To those who say that taking over a bar in Il Castagno d’Andrea is a crazy idea, Neri replies that he doesn’t see anything crazy about it because he simply decided to stay and maintain a strong bond with the place that raised him.

For Guido, the choice to live in these places comes from an inner need that we all share because “we often forget that what counts is not the possibility of becoming something, or of living in the city to have all the comforts nearby, but to be well, and here [at Castagno d’Andrea] you are well”.