Meet Kumiko

[This video is in Italian, but in the settings of the YouTube video you can choose English subtitles]


Kumiko is the blogger who brings Londa to Japan.

An interpreter and journalist of Japanese origin, Kumiko arrived in Florence in 2001, fascinated by Italy and its culture. A few years later, she and her husband decided to leave the city for the countryside.

Londa was the ideal place to start their new life, as it allowed them to live in the countryside, surrounded by the open spaces of the mountains, but still close to the city.

Eighteen years later, Kumiko feels so at home that she cannot imagine being anywhere else but in Londa.

In her Japanese blog, where she writes about Tuscany and its beauties, she often talks about Londa, enchanting readers and attracting travelers who want to experience a more authentic and genuine reality, thanks to the hospitality and warmth of the local community.