Meet Edoardo Boscherini

19 October 2023 | Tales

[The video is in Italian, but in the settings of the YouTube video you can chhose English subtitles]

Edoardo Boscherini, owner of Casa Boscherini Home Restaurant

He used to work as a consultant for wine companies and four years ago decided to follow his dream: to buy a house in the middle of the Florentine mountains and surround himself with wild, almost unspoiled nature.

Always passionate about cooking, in that same house, he decided to open his Home Restaurant, Casa Boscherini. 

He created an ambience with attention to minor details, from the table to the kitchen: a single table that can be reserved makes the environment intimate and cosy, and the careful choice of seasonal km0 products makes his cuisine genuine, capable of fully enhancing the territory.

Edoardo says the mountain is an ideal place “for those who want to take nature walks, eat well, and visit beautiful and often unknown places“.