Meet Alessandra

15 December 2023 | Tales

[This video is in Italian, but in the settings of the YouTube video you can choose English subtitles]

For Alessandra, life in the mountains is a necessity. Despite the challenges, she runs the family business with dedication, following in her father’s footsteps.

“The mountain is my essence”.

For Alessandra, living in the mountains is a necessity, a strong and deep bond rooted in her family’s history, which comes from San Godenzo, and in her decision to continue the tradition by taking over her parents’ business of processing fresh chestnuts and chestnut flour.

Despite the difficulties and sacrifices involved in running a physically demanding business on her own, the memories of helping her father manage the chestnut grove guide her daily because, as she says, “memories merge with the job”.

According to Alessandra, “People have to come here [to the mountain] to find tranquillity”, a tranquillity waiting to be filled with the warmth and genuineness of the local community.