Marrone del Mugello PGI (Mugello chestnut), a local excellence

Montagna Fiorentina is a land of ancient knowledge and authentic flavours. One of its most appreciated gastronomic treasures is Marrone del Mugello PGI (Mugello chestnut).

It is a high-quality product that was granted PGI status in 1996 because it is “representative of the local ecology, landscape and traditions”. Its exceptional qualities and organoleptic characteristics distinguish it from other types of chestnuts produced in Italy. It has a thin, brown skin with light stripes and creamy, sweet flesh. Its texture, flavour and distinctive aroma make it unique.

Montagna Fiorentina is an ideal environment for growing chestnuts, as the climate is favourable, with cold winters and temperate summers. These factors contribute to the perfect ripening of the fruit. In San Godenzo, chestnut trees are considered authentic monuments of vegetation, often centuries old. Respected and loved by the local population, tended with passion and dedication by the growers, the ‘marronete’ (places where chestnut trees are cultivated) are a natural spectacle of great beauty.

These fruit trees are cultivated all year round, but the chestnuts are harvested in the autumn, between October and November, when the fruit is fully ripe. It is a practice that requires great skill and attention from the growers, as the chestnuts have to be harvested by hand with great care to avoid damage.

Once harvested, the chestnut undergoes a natural drying process that concentrates and intensifies its flavours, making it a versatile ingredient, but above all, one that is much sought after in the kitchen for its many uses: from soups to homemade pasta with chestnut flour to the typical dessert, ‘castagnaccio’.

Marrone del Mugello PGI is a local product of immense historical, cultural and gastronomic value, which has become an integral part of the identity of the territory and the great heritage of this land.