Local Living Lab

The territory as a laboratory

The Local Living Lab is an innovative laboratory combining didactics and action research that will take place on the territory for two consecutive years, in collaboration with the Master “U-RISE” of the Iuav University of Venice, the Master “Futuro Vegetale” and the Departments of Architecture (DIDA) and SAGAS (Chair of Medieval Archaeology) of the University of Florence. The territory will become the object of field study, taking students out of the academic context to measure themselves against real contexts, people and challenges.

Innovation and local development

The Local Living Lab fosters interaction between an interdisciplinary group of young professionals and local stakeholders, with the aim of generating innovative ideas and project paths with local spin-offs and impacts.

Didactics and research

The project includes three immersive workshop residencies involving young social innovators, graduates of the two Master’s courses and Italian and foreign students from architecture, archaeology and cultural heritage schools. In addition, at least 8 internships and diploma courses will be set up to develop the most interesting ideas and support design processes in the field.

The masters involved

Master ‘U-RISE’ in Urban Regeneration and Social Innovation at the Iuav University of Venice.
Focusing on sustainable urban and regional innovation, the Master explores urban regeneration, spatial planning and the transformation of urban contexts, preparing students to become innovators and leaders in sustainable urban development.

University of Florence Master’s Degree ‘Futuro Vegetale’.
Promoting innovative and sustainable approaches to agriculture and the environment, the Master’s degree explores topics related to botany, ecology, organic farming and biodiversity conservation practices, preparing students to become experts in the field of future plants and their applications.


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