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Train the Art of Silence in Nature


A total and immersive experience in the beautiful woods of Rincine, a wellness hike aimed at rediscovering the pleasure of being in the forest in full silence, listening to its sounds to connect with our senses. Marianna, an expert environmental guide, will lead you on a sensory discovery journey and symbiosis with the surrounding nature.
In the picturesque setting of Lake Aina, you’ll watch the sunset and then return with torches to the starting point.

To participate, trekking gear, a packed dinner, and a torch for the evening return are required.

To book the experience: Marianna, 3202311956 oltrepasso.info@gmail.com

Location: Foresta di Rincine - Via Poggio Alla Cuna 7, località Rincine
From: 18:30
To: 22:30
From: 17 June 2024
To: 17 June 2024

For info and reservations:

Organizer: Festival della Montagna Fiorentina | Marianna, 3202311956 - oltrepasso.info@gmail.com