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“Montagna Fiorentina, Montagna della Salute”: How Forests Improve Psychophysical Wellbeing and Attract Quality Tourism

The search for natural environments suitable for regenerating health and receiving deep psychophysical wellbeing is constantly increasing among a growing number of people, whether tourists or residents. Montagna Fiorentina, with its forests and lush nature, is characterized by the opportunities to respond to these health and wellbeing needs in nature.

Discussing with:
Ugo Corrieri, Doctor, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, Central Italy Coordinator of ISDE, TeFFIt representative.
Raoul Fiordiponti, Agro-technician, Guide of the Casentino Forests National Park, forest immersion leader.
Melania Masi, Environmental hiking guide, coordinator of the Montagna Fiorentina Ecomuseum. Curated by the association “Gruppo Perché No?” Free entry.

Location: Circolo ARCI Casa del Popolo di Londa, via Roma 55C
Time: 18:00
From: 18 June 2024
To: 18 June 2024

For info and reservations:

Organizer: Festival della Montagna Fiorentina | info@montagnafiorentina.com