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La Nuova Pippolese in Concert

La Nuova Pippolese is the orchestra founded in 2015 by the cultural association La Scena Muta to revive the tradition of La Pippolese, the historic folk Florentine orchestra.
Directed by maestro Francesco “Frank” Cusumano, guitarist, mandolinist, and Florentine arranger, it includes traditional instruments like guitars and mandolins, as well as ukuleles, banjos, Mexican guitarron, and other non-“pippolo” instruments such as accordion, violin, viola da gamba, and percussion.
La Nuova Pippolese’s repertoire includes many songs from the Florentine and Tuscan tradition, some taken from the peasant repertoire, songwriter songs, or excerpts from operettas, as well as other unpublished compositions by lesser-known authors, recovered and rearranged from old sheet music found in flea markets such as Il grillo dell’Ascensione or La torre di Arnolfo.

Location: Piazza della Repubblica, Londa
Time: 21:00
From: 21 June 2024
To: 21 June 2024

For info and reservations:

Organizer: Festival della Montagna Fiorentina | info@montagnafiorentina.com