Discover your true nature

The mountain as you like it

The Montagna Fiorentina is a place that welcomes and embraces your nature. If you want to immerse yourself in the discovery of this land, you will find what you are looking for. You can go trekking or do yoga in the woods, visit churches, play cards at the bar, do mushroom hunting, hug the trees, and feast on local delicacies. Or you can simply stay here without doing anything in particular, except being, relaxing and breathing.


For free spirits

Nature is the queen of these lands. Discover it, observe it, get to know it, breathe it in. Stock up on oxygen for body and soul. There are many activities to do in nature, on your own or organised, alone, in a group or with the family. Find the one that suits you: hiking, downhill skiing, horse riding, walking, trekking with environmental guides, mushroom or chestnut picking. Live your nature in nature and discover that you are made of the same stuff.

For those in search of authentic flavours

This is for food and wine tourism professionals but also for those who know how to recognise and seek out the authentic flavours of the products of the land. Here, every fruit and every dish encapsulates history and culture handed down from one generation to another. Get to know the local products, search for them, and process them using the community’s know-how that welcomes you. You can visit farms, follow the life of a chestnut from tree to table, eat in a home restaurant or learn how to make stuffed pasta. Taste, savour: places also remain imprinted on the palate.

For art and history lovers

From Etruscan times to the Middle Ages, following the footsteps of illustrious figures such as Dante and Andrea del Castagno, right up to the present day, these places are the guardians of a widespread culture stratified over time. If the evocative parishes and churches are unique jewels of the past, the contemporary cultural offer is equally precious, included in the Terre Degli Uffizi project, of which San Godenzo is a part.

For those who love slow rhythms

“Life itself is a journey to be walked on foot” said Bruce Chatwin. The Montagna Fiorentina, in the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, is rich in paths, well beaten, well maintained and mapped, suitable for all fitness levels. Discovering the area step by step means getting in touch with nature and reconnecting with yourself.