Cultural and social regeneration

The rebirth
of the Montagna Fiorentina

The story begins with the love of the inhabitants of these villages for their land. Thanks to their administrators’ unwavering determination and vision, it has been realised, strengthening the active participation of the citizens, businesses, and associations of Londa and San Godenzo.
Thanks to European funding from NextGenerationEU and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for Culture, it has become a reality.

The Montagna Fiorentina project aims to address the needs of economic and social revitalisation, typical of an inland area of Italy, by utilising the regeneration mechanisms within a broader territorial development plan. Nature, art, local productions, and widespread culture are the strengths through which to stimulate a new local offering of services and experiences capable of attracting a new demand, not only from tourists but also from new residents, both temporary and permanent, who can reverse the trend of depopulation in these areas and generate new social density and cultural vibrancy.

The objectives

Increasing the attractiveness of the area

Improving the accessibility of the territory

Fostering processes of economic, social and cultural innovation

Reaffirming the mountain as a place of wellness

The vision

A mountain for those who choose to stay, come or return because new economic opportunities, employment, social interaction, culture and availability of services make it possible and desirable again.

A mountain for those seeking well-being and a new life, temporary or permanent, in nature. Defined by relaxed rhythms, close relationships and simple pleasures.

The interventions

The map of spaces to be regenerated

It’s the result of the collective work of the inhabitants of Londa and San Godenzo, who want to give value and purpose to unused spaces. The inhabitants of the area will continue to be protagonists even in the phase of brainstorming initiatives for the reuse of spaces, with the aim of temporarily reactivating at least 5 of the mapped properties.

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Experiences in the Montagna Fiorentina
To stimulate the local supply of experiences and services to promote the economic activities of the villages, as well as local products and handicrafts. To create tools for human and economic relations between residents and guests. To promote the territory and its characteristics.
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The Chalet on the Lake
The Chalet on the Lake is a true landmark for the people of Londa. Currently underutilised, it will be brought back to life by becoming a new visitor centre capable of hosting a mix of integrated functions and services, including an information point, co-working spaces, a bar and areas for cultural and educational events. The redevelopment will be carried out using ecological solutions and with particular attention to accessibility.
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Del Campana Palace
This historic 14th-century building in the heart of San Godenzo will become a new cultural centre with permanent and temporary exhibition spaces to preserve and display the local cultural heritage. It will also house a conference hall, reading and study rooms, workshops and events to encourage interaction between visitors and the community. The restoration will also include a 1.5-hectare park with an Italian garden and an area of exotic plants.
Festivals and Events
A rich cultural program will animate villages, shelters, woods, and ridges, featuring art, scientific research, and thematic or community retreats. Culture as a tool to nourish new imaginaries and forms of collective storytelling and action.

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