Artist residency in the mountains

Mountains and forests, places steeped in artistic inspiration since ancient times, exert a timeless fascination on the human imagination. Their beauty awakens a profound wonder and connects us to the natural elements. The Montagna Fiorentina between Londa and San Godenzo has inspired numerous artists, poets, and writers over time, from Giovanni Fattori and the Macchiaioli to Andrea del Castagno and the supreme poet Dante Alighieri, who drew inspiration here for his Divine Comedy.

Today, its rich and majestic nature does not cease to inspire the artistic community: in fact, the territory of Londa welcomes ‘A dimora’, the first artist residency at the gates of the Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona e Campigna, whose first edition takes place from June to September 2023 and welcomes three contemporary Italian artists (plus one) to the area. They will seek stirrings for their artistic practice, reflecting on the value of the relationship between the human and natural environment to recover, transform, and enhance the place’s cultural and historical heritage and promote contemporary culture in a natural context.  

Gli artisti della residenza A dimora