A dimora

The first Art Residency of the Montagna Fiorentina

Londa and Rincine are the evocative setting for a three-year residency programme (2023-2025) for artists who will inhabit the mountains in a constant dialogue with the human and natural environment, enriching the cultural identity of the place with their works inspired by the forest as the source of life on the planet. During the residency, the artists will engage with the local community through public meetings and moments of mutual exchange.

A dimora La prima residenza d'artista della Montagna Fiorentina

"A dimora"

From temporary dwelling to ‘A Dimora’, the name of the Montagna Fiorentina arts residency, chosen to evoke both the link with nature and the transient nature of the participants’ artistic practices. In its first edition, the residency welcomed a fourth artist, “A dimora+”, who received specific training from the partners of the European project Future DiverCities (Creative Europe), supported by the European Union-NextGenerationEU.

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2023 Edition

The works of art on display

“Fior di mezzogiorno…”

Sound installation for the Londa clock tower

Agnese Banti interprets our relationship with time: what we look at, where we put our ear, enveloping it in sounds intimately placed in the life of the village of Londa. The clock’s chiming in the Palazzo Comunale begins a larger story: a secular tower that speaks to its community, becoming a physical space and no longer just a symbol.
It is 13 o’clock – “fior di Genziana”, now 16 o’clock – “fior della Sieve”, then 20 o’clock – “for the hours Londa sold the sun”. The sound installation brings to light man’s poetics and history, interspersing words with the forgotten sound of old clock wheels.
The ‘stornelli’, composed and interpreted by the artist, spread through the village at the stroke of every hour, generating a time out of the ordinary to find oneself.

agnese banti - fior di mezzogiorno

Pane per pane

Breads, cotton cloths

Pane per pane (Bread for bread) is a performance born long before it happened. It is the meeting of neighbouring communities, those of Londa and Castagneto, united by the artist in his search for the ritual and the everyday. In making bread, the work takes on different forms, shaped by the sources from which the water is drawn, the choice of flours, the wild herbs and the many fingers that knead it, imprinting on it the customs and moods of the places.
After baking, the loaves are taken to the Bosco di Sant’Elena, where they are exchanged, donated and celebrated. It is now possible to taste them, feed on the stories of those who baked them, and celebrate their infinite peculiarities. Wrapped in white cotton cloths, the daily bread becomes a convivial gesture, a gift to the community.

Lingua di muschio e denti di sasso

Quartz paint on stone

“Lingua di muschio e denti di sasso, dalla bocca del bosco irrompe la commedia dei simboli” (“Tongue of moss and teeth of stone, from the mouth of the forest, bursts the comedy of symbols”). Simone Carraro’s work reveals the inscrutable metamorphic processes of the landscape, drawing on inspirations gathered during his “bipedal reconnaissance”.
The decomposition of a tree trunk, the abandonment of cultivated land, and the evolution of micro-organisms in the water of a stream all appear in the artist’s paintings, transformed into new symbolisms in an ancient quarry.
Lingua di muschio e denti di sasso is a pictorial epic in which archaic symbols coexist with questions about future possibilities, forming a rocky backdrop. Part of the artist’s work is to transform the natural amphitheatre in which he is embedded into an artistic space where new and original productions can be created. The work is located along the Mezzadri path, in the hamlet of Caiano, near the CAI 207A path.

lingua di muschio denti di sasso simone carraro
iacopo seri sinfonia n1 per voci e foresta

Sinfonia n.1 per voci e foresta

Frottage, loudspeakers, voices

Sinfonia n.1 per voci e foresta (Symphony No.1 for Voices and Forest) is a tribute to the relationship that the town of Londa has with nature.
The work unfolded over time, starting with a solitary night walk to explore the forest and its sounds in detail, evolving into a collective performance under the full moon’s light on the first of August. That evening, orchestrated by the artist, participants discovered an archaic, ascetic language in which the abandonment of words allowed them to come together.
The experience lived in the heart of summer returns to the community with a symphony mixed with branches, stones, and voices resonating inside the local bar – a place of gathering, conviviality, and exchange. Meanwhile, the texture of the bark of Douglas firs, chestnuts, pines, and beeches becomes visible in the large rubbings that inhabit the town’s walls, marking its natural rhythm.


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